September! Leading up to our The Commodore Ballroom show on Oct. 2nd, we are celebrating our 7th year as a band. So all month we’ll be posting memories and stories from the last 7 years. ‪#‎7yearsofboom‬

This tasty gem is from 2008: Parked in El Salvador on our way south from Vancouver to Panama. Inside this RV, which we called “The Scamper”, there was a spear-fishing gun, a PA, instruments, sleeping spots for 7 (including the dash, where Tommy spent most nights, you can see the pillow here) and enough hot sauce and tortillas to survive the unpredictable stretches between solid meals. Scampy ran off propane, which has a different name in spanish depending on the region (estamos buscando propano? propaiena? propono? propané?) and was often hard to come by, so we spent many nights leaving a few people with the RV and hitchhiking into nearby towns to fill barbeque tanks and return with a dumper cord to get enough juice to continue. The Scamper has since been sold to Shambhala Music Festival and is being used as an office.