Fire! Live @ The Commodore Ballroom 10.17.11

Fire! Live @ The Commodore Ballroom

Are You A Band In The USA?

Hello Musicians of The Great United States Of America!

We’re coming to your epic deserts, lush forests and buzzing cities and towns this fall! We carry a message and put on a pretty good live show. We’d love to play with you! It will be our first time in the States and we promise you upon your imminent journey up to Vancouver, BC, Canada that we will do our best to return the favor. Head over to our Bio page to get an idea of what we are about, and then stop by the Music page too so you can submerge yourself in aural stimulus crafted by us.

So get at us on the cyber horn ( and let’s talk.

Live Promo 2012

Bedframes, Buses, Basements

Boa Tarde!

It’s a busy time for us as people right now. Geordie’s got drywall dust on his hands with a phone in one ear and a keyboard infront of him, working his butt off as band manager, and he’s doing a hell of a job. Richie just finished a power treeplanting stint and has moved in to the Boom Boom house on Franklin St. along with his electric drumkit and huge bedframe, which is so big it blocks the whole downstairs hallway, even when it’s leaning up! Funny place for a bedframe. So he’s in. Aaron, Sean, Theo and myself are almost 2 months deep working for “The Man”, walking into big office buildings and getting recognized in elevators by electricians and such (“hey, I saw you guys at your venue show!” he says from underneath hard hat and safety glasses). On top of the busy work schedule, we have been taking off almost every weekend to play shows around the province since May, with some memorable ones in at Tinhorn Creek Winery, Errington, Victoria, Courtenay… the Boom Boom fire is spreading! We are seeing more people at our shows than ever before; people making 4+ hour drives to see our band… Awesome. We <3 2 British Columbia!

Some sad news: Our bus has been laid to rest in Merritt, BC. A fitting place, considering the years we treeplanted there. Basically, we were having some gauge issues on the long climbs the Coquihalla likes to throw at old buses, and suddenly, BANG, the engine dies. A few turns of the key and that dreaded “thunk” of the solenoid and we’re a fish out of water, with dual-axle trucks screaming by us as we occupy a full lane on a hill. I’m out there flagging the huge trucks aside and the crew assesses the bus for a moment, and deems the only option to push it up about 200 feet to a pull-off. Keep in mind it’s loaded with ALL our gear! A gentleman in a car pulls up behind us and aids his strength, and we manage to heave our baby up the hill and onto the shoulder as traffic continues to rocket past. Now for the tow-job! We finally arrive in Merritt and deposit her in a shopyard. She sits there for the weekend and when we return (after renting a U-Haul truck and packing all the gear into the back, and perhaps a band-mate or three, to make the shows) she has been condemned. So, now it’s a chicken coop. Bicaw! On to the next one… More news as it comes.

We had a wicked time at the Lotus Eater‘s pad filming some live songs, stay tuned for some sneak peeks in a few weeks. And the folks at Point Blank Creative have been putting in a lot of time to bring our Boom Boom Brazil project to its feet. We’re nearing the final few big bends in the river of progress and are really, really excited to share it with you!

Work for everyone wraps up in a few weeks, and the real summer begins. Check our updated tour page for a list of spots we’ll be blowing up this summer. A few of the highlights include David Lam Park as the sunday night Jazz Fest headliners, Headlining the Kulth Festival, OUr 5th Annual Block Party (Date & Location TBA) Shambhala, Salmon Arm Roots & Blues, and a show we are just locking down in September that might just have you wet your pants when you read the roster.

Our next show is June 17th, 5pm @ The Rio Tinto Dragon Boat Festival in False Creek! We hope to see you there! Remember to “like” us on the ol’ Facebook if you haven’t already, and tell your friends, because, well, we like it.

Thanks to everyone who reads these and supports our journey.


Boom Boom