‪#‎7yearsofboom‬ ! installment #2

This is Tommy on the concrete in front of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris – we busked our way around Europe from September 2010 to January 2011. Our set up was as follows: 2 Cajons (much lighter than a drumkit and congas), 1 100$ Telecaster knock-off, seen here in action (it broke shortly after and sat in a closet until 2015, when Tom’s dad Paul took it into the shop and re-did all the frets and electronics and painted it gold – you’ll see it on stage at The Commodore Ballroom) 1 Acoustic guitar for that latin-folk authenticity, 1 P Bass, two battery-powered amps that ran off 6 AA batteries – we must have gone through 100 packs of them! Often we busked in places that had no convenience stores nearby so we tried our best to carry extras but the amps ate through batteries at a tremendous rate and sometimes we had to double up instruments during long sets through one amp (shit! plug it into mine!) and it would give a crackly, heavily distorted sound. We always played until our fingers were numb and the crowd had dispersed – if the amps started to die we would go acoustic and encourage people to get even closer and clap along to the Cajons. Lastly, after a few vocal mics, we had a larger bass amp jimmy-rigged to a small deep cycle motorbike battery, the heaviest load to carry for Geordie Hart – that’s how he has those strong forearms you see today. This photo was taken the day after we finally bought a drumkit and decided to try it out busking: we set up here at Notre Dame and were immediately kicked out by nearby Gendarmerie, so we moved to the Louvre via subway, carrying the whole drumkit on foot, and again were shut down right away. We had no choice to abandon the kit and we never busked with it again. And sean played the shaker. He had a light load.