We had a hell of a weekend. And we raised $5,065 at our Sunday night show for BFM! Here’s a review of the show, yo

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Last nights show at The Shark Club was unforgettable.

Opening act:

A Vancouver Native reggae duo bringing down the house within its particularly unique, distinctive sound.
“Its you” WATASUN that defines Fresh Independence.
So watch out Matisyahu!

As requested by The Boom Booms.
The second act; a mix of vintage, soul, and funk
presented The Star Captains who captivated the Shark Club.
Electric Guitarist Tom Van Deursen of The Boom Booms was lost in the music as was the groovy scene around him.

Main Act:
We are pleased to present to you this up & coming Band that no one can deny is contagious.

The Boom Booms: An eclectic mix of reggae, soul, charisma, and chemistry.
We were made to feel like Brazilians last night and could not help, but dance, shake our hips, and smile.

Currently The Boom Booms will be Touring throughout the Interior and Banff, but make sure to catch them on September 14th 15, 2012 @ Stanley Park!

Nonetheless, we go out on a bold limb representing The Boom Booms as our 2012 Fresh Pick of the Year!

Though it was a great evening of music the purpose of gathering last night was not neglected.
Kudos to the Bikers for Autism who will be biking across Canada to raise awareness for the one little guy in their lives.

Star Captain said it best, “Put all our differences behind us because in the end we are all one.”

A Fresh Independence within the Vancouver Music Scene was found last night.

We’d like to remind folks that our show in Stanley Park is on the 15th, not the 14th, but thanks to Fresh Independence for the love!