Summer Shows & Pre-Pro

We’re working on new music. We’ve selected a handful of dates to get out around the Province to try out some new stuff, and we won’t be playing much this summer so make sure you get to one of these shows. TOUR PAGE


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Writing The Next One & Mount Vernon

Tom here.

We’ve been laying low of late, lapping up lots of lush lullabies and funky jams, as we begin to craft the songs that will make our 3rd record. Aaron’s moved over to the north shore to be near the forest so he can soak that shizz in. Sean’s been locked inside his room learning gospel piano techniques. Richard learned how to make timberframe… drumsticks. Geordie’s back in Jazz school. Theo and I are playing with JP Maurice on the 19th at The Commodore Ballroom for the PPP finale. We’re taking a break from writing to jump across the border to Mount Vernon, Washington to play a hall show on the 20th! Details on the tour page. Hope to see you there USA! That’s right. We hope to see ALL of the people in the USA there.

Here’s a snap from our Commodore Show. Man what a night.


Jah mon.



#7yearsofboom Instalment Two

‪#‎7yearsofboom‬ ! installment #2

This is Tommy on the concrete in front of the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris – we busked our way around Europe from September 2010 to January 2011. Our set up was as follows: 2 Cajons (much lighter than a drumkit and congas), 1 100$ Telecaster knock-off, seen here in action (it broke shortly after and sat in a closet until 2015, when Tom’s dad Paul took it into the shop and re-did all the frets and electronics and painted it gold – you’ll see it on stage at The Commodore Ballroom) 1 Acoustic guitar for that latin-folk authenticity, 1 P Bass, two battery-powered amps that ran off 6 AA batteries – we must have gone through 100 packs of them! Often we busked in places that had no convenience stores nearby so we tried our best to carry extras but the amps ate through batteries at a tremendous rate and sometimes we had to double up instruments during long sets through one amp (shit! plug it into mine!) and it would give a crackly, heavily distorted sound. We always played until our fingers were numb and the crowd had dispersed – if the amps started to die we would go acoustic and encourage people to get even closer and clap along to the Cajons. Lastly, after a few vocal mics, we had a larger bass amp jimmy-rigged to a small deep cycle motorbike battery, the heaviest load to carry for Geordie Hart – that’s how he has those strong forearms you see today. This photo was taken the day after we finally bought a drumkit and decided to try it out busking: we set up here at Notre Dame and were immediately kicked out by nearby Gendarmerie, so we moved to the Louvre via subway, carrying the whole drumkit on foot, and again were shut down right away. We had no choice to abandon the kit and we never busked with it again. And sean played the shaker. He had a light load.


#7yearsofboom Instalment One

September! Leading up to our The Commodore Ballroom show on Oct. 2nd, we are celebrating our 7th year as a band. So all month we’ll be posting memories and stories from the last 7 years. ‪#‎7yearsofboom‬

This tasty gem is from 2008: Parked in El Salvador on our way south from Vancouver to Panama. Inside this RV, which we called “The Scamper”, there was a spear-fishing gun, a PA, instruments, sleeping spots for 7 (including the dash, where Tommy spent most nights, you can see the pillow here) and enough hot sauce and tortillas to survive the unpredictable stretches between solid meals. Scampy ran off propane, which has a different name in spanish depending on the region (estamos buscando propano? propaiena? propono? propané?) and was often hard to come by, so we spent many nights leaving a few people with the RV and hitchhiking into nearby towns to fill barbeque tanks and return with a dumper cord to get enough juice to continue. The Scamper has since been sold to Shambhala Music Festival and is being used as an office.



Tom here! Summer re-cap.

We kicked it all off with Tall Tree. What a blast. Playing on the crest of a low-laying mountain overlooking the true west coast. If our eyes were strong enough we could have seen Japan from the stage! My childhood belief was that if you ate enough carrots, you could see farther – so I equated every carrot to maybe 10 additional feet of sight. By now you’d think I’d be able to see Japan…. grumble grumble. Anyways, I digress; Tall Tree was amazing and we rolled right into festival season, heading out to Tofino to headline before scooping back to Victoria and playing Parliament on Canada Day.


This was an excellent show as well – the city came out in FORCE and we got to once again share the stage with our pals in Delhi 2 Dublin, who we actually played our first arena show with in 2009. They were at Tall Tree and here again at Canada Day. BOOM.

Then it was back home to throw East Van Summer Jam’s 2nd year in Strathcona Park. This was a mind-splittingly difficult show to get together but our crack team of volunteers pulled it off and we had the park buzzing to international talent. I love helping create a space for people to come and see new music and most importantly each other – our hood can appear a little disparate at times with all the cultural mash-ups but there is a common flag and love of community we share and it’s good to provide a space where this can happen. So that was great – two 15 hour days setting it up and running it  and playing it and leaving the park with the last piece of garbage snapped up off the ground at around 3am on the day. Whooo! Ok time to decompress for a second. July saw us running all over the province and even out to Toronto for the Beaches Jazz Festival, where we headlined their main stage on a Saturday night (BC boys done good!) – total fun times. Beaches Jazz Fest is wicked if you like crowded streets and bands every block and fantastic food and drink. So, like, everyone, right?

We are making our final run of the Interior (Merritt, Penticton, Nelson, Kaslo) next weekend – and we won’t be back for a while, so if you wanna BOOM then you got ONE CHANCE TO BOOM BEFORE THE BOOM AINT AROUND FOR A WHILE

annnnnnnd on OCT 2nd, we’re headlining the Commodore Ballroom here in Vancity. Tickets right here. It’s about time. #itsabouttime


Tall Tree was unreal, Canada Day in Victoria unreal too – and our summer season is just picking up! We’ve begun writing our new album which will be recorded this fall and winter, but why spend summer indoors right? The only time of year we didn’t still wish we lived in Brasil.

CHECK OUT THE TOUR PAGE FOR DETAILS! Here’s a clip from Tall Tree.


Hello Everybody!

Well, it feels like we’ve been on the road almost constantly for a couple of months – probably because we have. That’s why it feels like we have, because we have. Down to Cali, Across to Montreal, Through BC & AB – then we scattered for a week and ended up in various treeplanting camps or cruising the streets yelling people (er, I mean telling people) about East Van Summer Jam. For those of you who don’t know, it’s the grown up (but still kid-friendly) version of our back alley block parties we used to throw behind Grandpa’s house. Here’s the vibes from back then:


Jamaican Patties, Alley soccer tourney, local bands, slam poetry, water-balloon dodgeball… We wanted to make a space for our hood to get to know itself. Who lives beside you? Across from you? Who has kids the same age as your kids; who wants to make kids? ;) It was a resounding success and grew so big by 2012 that we had to move it to Strathcona Park and call it East Van Summer Jam! 


That’s EV funk legends The Funk Hunters on our slightly larger stage in 2014 – unfortunately we had to abandon the multi-coloured plywood, 2×4 and car tire design. They said it wasn’t “up to code”. We have no idea what they are talking about – it only broke once, c’mon! So our first year wasn’t the nicest day weather-wise but we had by far our largest turn out ever, with plenty of families and back alley vibes present. This year we are excited to go even bigger, bringing some international talent such as Ab-Soul, Mayer Hawthorne and B.J. The Chicago Kid… it’s really heartwarming to see our back alley baby grow up. This year’s festival happens on July 4th, same spot, same time.


We have so much love for this city, and especially the east side. Our dream is to eventually have a 2-day festival right in the heart of a part of the city, drawing together local businesses and NGOs and initiatives and most importantly, BANDS AND MUSICIANS AND FRIENDS! The vibrations by which we thrive y’all. MUZAK.


Big thanks to EVERYONE who has come on board this year to help make this pop – and by the way, all profits go directly to local and international charities we believe in.

You know who you are – and so do we:

Red Truck Beer / The Georgia Straight / Exclaim Magazine / Timbre Concerts / The Music Tree / Promosa Sound / Strongbow Cider / The Butler Did It / Vancouver Film Studios / Qoola Yogurt / Zipcar / Car2Go / The Calender / Chinatown Mall / 102.7 The Peak 

All these individual businesses, orgs and projects etc are offering somethin’ cool. go check em.

yes yes y’all

yours truly

Aaron, Sean, Tom, Geordie, Richard, Theo

The Boom Booms

CMW + ET Canada + Breakout West + Ontario Tour


Been a little while since we checked in! Tom here, sitting in a beautiful kitchen just outside of Ottawa central, relishing in the fantastic hospitality from band family. We spent the last 7 days in Toronto for CMW, venue-hopping and taking in some of Canada’s best up and coming acts live! What a whirlwind. Waking up at noon (or 2pm) and cooking lunch in our spacious Air BnB home right in the downtown core (Harold we gotta throw you MAD props, thank you so much for hosting us) and by 6pm we’d be out on the town, with bands playing tight 40 minute sets from 6pm – 3am. Our own set at The Rivoli was packed full and a real funky time. Good to see you Toronto, you’re a sexy city and we’ll be back on the 23rd to play again before we fly home and begin our summer festival run. Here’s a pic snapped of myself and Theo warming up in the alley behind The Rivoli:


Our Ontario tour begins today in Ottawa at The Rainbow Room – a long-standing legendary venue we are honoured to play. We’ve linked up with two wicked Ontario bands: KC Roberts & The Live Revolution and JUICE – both as funky as it gets and we are stoked to be playing with them for the next week! You can always find our tour dates on the TOUR page of this site.

Our third item to announce is that our latest album Love Is Overdue has been nominated as Best Urban Recording of the year by Breakout West! We are thankful to be in the running! The awards are in September in Victoria, we’ll keep you posted.

Next up is EAST VAN SUMMER JAM 2015 – the lineup has been announced and EARLY BIRD TICKETS are now on sale! Go here for all the info:

And finally, our shitty old bus had enough trouble in Los Angeles that we attracted the attention of ET Canada, who dropped by to shoot a segment on us. It should be airing soon – on this, we will also keep you posted!

Thanks to everyone for your continued support!!!! te quiero.

with love & a healthy amount of road sweat


The Boom Booms