The big tour! Holy crap man, it’s awesome! Nothing more beautiful than seeing swirling clouds of fall leaves coming off the trees on the highway, and then plowing through them with the nose of our 40ft, custom-built schoolbus. 1990 with a Cummins engine and an indestructible frame: Ol’ Scampy was a 1973 RV with a frame made of 2″x 2″ wood and staples. No joke. Once we crunched into it, we noticed. But this bus is a rollcage. A DC-10 aircraft. A freakin’ butter machine. A leaf on the wind. HOME! here it is…

So enough about the bus. We left Vancouver with a crew of 8 (6 Boom Booms, Braeden Ross, and Grampa Stu Ross!) and headed to Kelowna for our first show. Bus climbs hills with much determination. Like I imagine my Opa used to climb the grouse grind. Powerful, steady. And at a pace of it’s choosing. We did an opening set at Habitat with the three vocalists, Sean Aaron Tom, to ease folks into it. Then came the madness!

Thanks Kelowna. Off to Calgary. Palomino hosted us well, and we played with Class Action @ Robot Workers, who helped turn it up to 11 (why don’t you just make 10 louder, and get rid of 11 altogether?) and we had a packed house there as well! Hung out with some old friends until the wee hours and then made the looooong drive to Nelson, for THIS:

Erica Dee opened and closed the night with us. Worth the 8 hour drive backwards across the province. Also had the back breaks on the bus go (brake line bust!) and had to roll into Hywood and get ‘er patched up. Had a nice breakfast at the Bent Fork and drove the winding trail to Creston. This town has always been really good to us, (I’m looking at you Alan!) and we were well-received. and we had breakfast at Renee’s diner (delicious) and then a royal cat was born, one that would bring peace to the kingdom, and we had to climb the sacred sidewalk rock and exult!

And that brings us to Edmonton!! sitting in the Artery lounge right now. David Ward opening up, and the Soulicitors just before us. We’ll let you know how it goes! And Jason the sound man is just killing it right now. Word Up!





Adam Scott Bailie Says September 26, 2012 at 2:57 am



Becky Webb Says September 28, 2012 at 10:08 pm

So jealous Nelson got to experience a gyptian teaser! looks like another amazing night boom booms…