Tom here! Summer re-cap.

We kicked it all off with Tall Tree. What a blast. Playing on the crest of a low-laying mountain overlooking the true west coast. If our eyes were strong enough we could have seen Japan from the stage! My childhood belief was that if you ate enough carrots, you could see farther – so I equated every carrot to maybe 10 additional feet of sight. By now you’d think I’d be able to see Japan…. grumble grumble. Anyways, I digress; Tall Tree was amazing and we rolled right into festival season, heading out to Tofino to headline before scooping back to Victoria and playing Parliament on Canada Day.


This was an excellent show as well – the city came out in FORCE and we got to once again share the stage with our pals in Delhi 2 Dublin, who we actually played our first arena show with in 2009. They were at Tall Tree and here again at Canada Day. BOOM.

Then it was back home to throw East Van Summer Jam’s 2nd year in Strathcona Park. This was a mind-splittingly difficult show to get together but our crack team of volunteers pulled it off and we had the park buzzing to international talent. I love helping create a space for people to come and see new music and most importantly each other – our hood can appear a little disparate at times with all the cultural mash-ups but there is a common flag and love of community we share and it’s good to provide a space where this can happen. So that was great – two 15 hour days setting it up and running it  and playing it and leaving the park with the last piece of garbage snapped up off the ground at around 3am on the day. Whooo! Ok time to decompress for a second. July saw us running all over the province and even out to Toronto for the Beaches Jazz Festival, where we headlined their main stage on a Saturday night (BC boys done good!) – total fun times. Beaches Jazz Fest is wicked if you like crowded streets and bands every block and fantastic food and drink. So, like, everyone, right?

We are making our final run of the Interior (Merritt, Penticton, Nelson, Kaslo) next weekend – and we won’t be back for a while, so if you wanna BOOM then you got ONE CHANCE TO BOOM BEFORE THE BOOM AINT AROUND FOR A WHILE

annnnnnnd on OCT 2nd, we’re headlining the Commodore Ballroom here in Vancity. Tickets right here. It’s about time. #itsabouttime