We’re on the home stretch! But not before we rock a second show in Austin, TX at The Saxon Pub tonight, the 8th, at midnight. And then it’s west to Denver, CO, and through into beautiful California, our southern neighbours and friends. If you see the bus out on the street, make sure you head over to the TOUR page and check out if we’re playing nearby, because ticket prices are usually affordable and shows are usually WORTH GOING AND SEEING! Let us show you what we do.

Also we’d like to reluctantly inform that pals The Steadies are dropping off the tour. We have a fantastic artist we are working on bringing along to the same dates, as listed on the website and FB page (which you should go check out, by the way).

It’s been a heck of a ride so far. Make sure you get involved with the social media scene:



To all the friends we have made, the kind folks who have taken us into their abodes, the beautiful souls who define us, the long roads that try to unwind us, and the GREAT BANDS we’ve had the honor of playing with… GRACIAS, OBRIGADO, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

our city is your city.

Just putting together our HOME COMING SHOW… details soon, ok?

Big love to a big planet

boom boom nation.