Ba-dum dum dum (chinga chinga) Ba-dum dum dum (cha-chinga) WHAP – UH!

“Try a ‘badagadaga’ in there, in between the bass notes”

“yeah, good idea”

“play it with a little more freedom, more legato, less staccato. but don’t attack the strings too hard”

“chase after it more, step on the gas a bit”

“play the same pattern, but play it like you’re steve cropper, not jimi hendrix”

“can you try hitting the snare backwards?”


“try hitting the snare, like, backwards.”


songwriting. The hardest and most important part of this whole thing. Being in a van for up to 10 hours a day, passing through different realms of consciousness and reality, that’s one thing. Playing shows with sweat pouring off your body, that’s something else. But songs are the real challenge. Where you are put to the test as a group and as individuals; where you stand musically naked infront of each other with your knowledge and abilities, and stand even more naked infront of the greats, who peer down on you in your jam room and generally disapprove of most of the shit you are doing. Every now and then, though, you get a nod, or a high-five from up above in the ether and you can feel the chills all through your body – that’s it!! That’s the f**king part we’ve been searching for! They come to you at the end of a road with no lines or lanes, like a deer on the highway, and BAM! you smack into them, and instead of $1,500 of repairs on the front end, you are showered with power. awwww yeah, the sweet spot.

We’re back into it now. After many, many awesome shows this summer, some of our biggest and most familiar crowds to date, and hundreds of hours of driving (and a few beers down the hatch to boot) we’re finding ourselves back in the basement of Geordie’s house on pandora street, kicking jams and studying feels: writing! Feels really good. We’re hoping to have our next full-length album written by december so we can get into the studio after christmas and give you all new music by next spring sometime. Yes, it’s a ways away, but hey, it’s gotta be good, right?

So we’re pumped about that. On the near horizon as far as live shows: we’ve got Desert Daze in Spences Bridge tomorrow night, and a 5:15pm slot @ Salmon Arm Roots & Blues festival on Saturday. Among the many artists also gracing the stage with us include must sees: Bombino, Five Alarm Funk, and Shred Kelly, to name just a few. And don’t forget, we’re opening for Sarah Mclachlan and Bryan Adams on Sept. 15th.




Boom Boom