Well, we’re in Toronto! We made it. slept downtown on Queens street last night in the bus, with such sweeping vistasĀ availableĀ to us as the garbage truck and the other side of the street. Actually, the tram car goes by from time to time, and that’s nice. The rumbling of wheels on track puts me to sleep. It was a long, long drive from Thunder Bay, but also a beautiful one, as we wound in and out of thick, flat forest and lakeshore (the biggest inland lakes in the universe! or so I’m told). Fall is exploding out of every tree here in brilliant reds and yellows, and the weather today is sunshine with a slice of crispy fall sprinkled in there. Nice to have made it across the prairies. We walked around last night and stumbled across the Much Music HQ, and managed to get on camera (outside the window in the background, that is). Anybody see it? That was us in the hoodies making the Boom Boom gang signs! yeah. So today is a big day for our band, we are playing the legendary Horseshoe Tavern on Queens, with 4 other bands. And we’ll be on stage for a limited time only (9:20-10pm) so if you are planning on attending, you better come early! The shows have been all over the map so far, ranging from small crowds of good people in Regina and Saskatoon to hundreds of sweaty 20-somethings in Thunder Bay.. Actually that was a crazy show because when we played our first note, I counted less than 20 people in the bar. But by the time we were nearing the end of our hour+ set, we had over 200! the unplanned miracle of Saturday night in any town, I say.

When we were back in Calgary, we got treated to an amazing lunch on the house at the Mythic Cafe. We met Laurie at Kaslo Jazz Fest this year, and her generosity was so compelling that we decided to make a little video about her. here it is.


We have updated our Canadian Leg (added shows, that means!) and you can find them here

Canadian Shows

And we’re happy to announce that we’ve also released some of the USA shows we will be playing! you can find them (and please share it around!!) here

USA Shows

Thanks for keeping in the loop and we hope to see you as the journey continues. Toronto tonight, Peterborough tomorrow, Toronto again on Thursday, Ottawa Friday, and Montreal Sunday! Then SOUTH!!!

We love you all

Boom Boom