Hey what’s up world!

Our tour legs turned to jello and hardened again. We’re home and happy to be here. Had two wicked shows back to back to cap it all off, and we’ll be putting down our instruments and taking up other passions for the rest of our lives! It was a good run, thanks for getting involved. I think I’m going to be a fighter pilot.

JOKES! We’ll be turning the knobs up to 11 on NYE 2013 in Edmonton after a little christmas break with family. Then after that it will all start snowballing again. A new album on the way, along with a whole new tour schedule, bringing us back to many of the places we’ve visited in the last year, along with some new ones. But for now, happy holidays and if you’re in Edmonton on the 31st… click the link below!


or skip the write-up and head straight to the ticket link if you know what you want, uh HUH



and here’s a little video from the USA tour – it was meant to be our intro to the Venue show, but some technical issues got in the way: here it is anyways! make some noise at the end if you like, it feels great.


Boom Boom.