Back on the road

Fuera el ciudad!

Woo frikkin hoo! We’re touring again! After a much-needed break over december, we re-formed the boom boom sextet in january and began prying open Aaron’s oysters to get at the pearls inside. We’ve traditionally approached songwriting from a group standpoint: Aaron might have a verse or chorus, some kind of white hot heat that come from above, and we would pack the whole operation into a jam space and write instrumentals to match up. It took a long time. So in the name of efficiency and creative space, our lead singer took his ass down to central america again, this time alone, and stayed on the beach writing the acoustic versions of songs on our new album. Then he came home and we broke into groups and attacked the tunes from different sides, building them slowly and meticulously up from blueprints to stage worthy songs. This took us through January and into February. Then it was time to hit the road.

I’m writing from some bar in the surprisingly art-stuffed downtown core of Calgary, Alberta (Canada) ((North America)) (((Earth))). Such cool art in this town! You wouldn’t think… or at least I didn’t. (therefore you wouldn’t?) Forgone is the afternoon beer – a slipperly slope – replaced by a nice large grilled burger. But back to business! We hit Invermere first, after braving the Coquihalla highway in the snow the night before with some wonky steering on the Boom van. Got it fixed in Kamloops and made the long haul. Last time we were there, we played a bit o’ shinny on the frozen lake behind resident soundman Oso’s remote cabin with the sun shining down, nutting cardboard goalies and having a real time. Awesome. This visit included a late night chat with local hotel aficionado James, and a setlist stuffed with new songs! They are finding their feet. Rolled out under bluebird skies and headed to Calgary to rock it with Lazer Cake (the bassist of which used to play with our very own sticky ricky!) and Class Action at The Palomino for Valentines day. “Take These Chains” got some slow dancing in motion and our brand-new “Idle No More” tune had a chorus of voices raised… we’re on your side. Go and google Idle No More if you don’t know what it’s about.

Golden’s show was at the Civic Center… an awesome building with salvaged support beams from the Columbia River Lumber Company, originally built in 1911 – they span the massive run of the ceiling and are capped on either side by fresh local wood, and they are huge. The show was a Masquerade Ball and Golden came out in force, decked out in their weirdest and best: An elvish knight, some pretty creative carnival costumes, and my personal favorites: two brothers that must have been around 7 and 9 who reminded me of my brother and I… they were the blues brothers, complete with microphones and cables dissapearing into their belt lines. They won the costume prize in their division. There is still JUSTICE in the world! Bill Usher was a great host.

Then it was off to Edmonton! Discussions on the long drive ranged from the hows, whens, whos and wheres of this summer’s block party to the new album. Rolled in to Edmonton and found out about a huge meteor that impaled Russia! Holy Shit! Check out the video…


The show was at the revered Avenue Theatre, and our buddy and brother in arms Nathan Richards, who has brought us out to Edmonton before with great success, threw a wicked party. From my seasoned eye it looked to be about 350-400 people. Venue is very cool – concrete floors that slope away from the stage slightly and an upper mezzanine to peer over the crowd. Got our mojo in full swing here, highlights including a particularly enthusiastic version of “You Know”… and for some reason our Bill Withers/Blackstreet/Kool & The Gang Medley always lights shit up in this town! Thanks to house manager Jesse and his people for a well run event, too.

Then we played Red Deer on a Sunday and who would have known that it would be a killer night! Wicked venue called Slumland: an underground spot with checkered floors, a full wall of floor-to-ceiling mirrors and trippy, schizophrenic light rigging. Had a good turn-out (including 5 people from Kaslo!) and shared the stage with some local acts, including the talented Thomas Hutlet – go check him out.

So we’re on our way to the lovely Kootenays for our next run of shows, starting tomorrow at the Snoring Sasquatch in Creston, and moving through Kalso and Nelson before heading over to Merritt. Check the tour page for details! We are excited for all the new stuff in the pipeline this year, from songs to projects to block parties… and we are so happy and honoured to have all you along for the ride!

to leave you all, please enjoy this video of goats who bleet like humans, it’s so so awesome.




Aimee Gadbois Says March 2, 2013 at 5:38 pm

Laughed our asses off at the goats bahaha!! Great find!!:)