Tom here.

We’ve been laying low of late, lapping up lots of lush lullabies and funky jams, as we begin to craft the songs that will make our 3rd record. Aaron’s moved over to the north shore to be near the forest so he can soak that shizz in. Sean’s been locked inside his room learning gospel piano techniques. Richard learned how to make timberframe… drumsticks. Geordie’s back in Jazz school. Theo and I are playing with JP Maurice on the 19th at The Commodore Ballroom for the PPP finale. We’re taking a break from writing to jump across the border to Mount Vernon, Washington to play a hall show on the 20th! Details on the tour page. Hope to see you there USA! That’s right. We hope to see ALL of the people in the USA there.

Here’s a snap from our Commodore Show. Man what a night.


Jah mon.